How i tell them God....?"

"You do not grouse about the abysmal food" mocks the peers

Huhlala.. !"The ungrinded grains to your gustatory senses appear very near"

"Have you ever ate the bland cuisine? Or Ravishing meats?"

How i tell them God? A motherless child nobody feeds

Scads and piles of albums of the first step and the babble

They giggle hard by watching the double-shaded binoculars

There treasures are the superman wings and faded Scrabble

How i tell them God? No father existed in my poor fable

No doubt for you the sun smiles and winks

On your balcony the stormy rain does sing

As your duvets are waterproof and windows french

How i tell them God? A feveered child when sleeps at roofless bench

The today's lesson is about the meaning of " Mischance"

The dictionary calls it ill-luck and mentor fately thorns

And my granny says " Me the Chiefest example"

How i tell them God? For all experiments orphans are the best samples

                                             ( By Paras Ali)                                       


Words nod off my fellow foe

My wrinkles can speak volumes than brows

I harvest the puce brinjal before I sow

My eyes blink and can hoodwink the lord of eagles

Fragrance of Fish; I have mastered better than seagull

In a jiffy million admirers turn into suitors for me

Persona of my dauntless courage anybody can see

Better, much sharper than the Nature (Sky, earth and Sea)

Says the Sea: Thou next to God and esteemed MAN!

Wearing the plummet of wisdom, Oh THE SECOND GRAND..

Neutron, Proton and Electron waited for 18 centuries to be your magical wand

Tis honorable, worthiest nickel of my sand

I agree with no doubt, The Holy Book belongs to you

The exact Centre of the Universe is having possession of you

The virgin grave marries you before you turn blue

But do you know each day Sea savours the taste of organic blood??

In it breathes without sun undiscovered buds??

Tide fights in it during stormy nights, yet you find it twinkling bright

Can you guess labour convulsions of Fish and pregnant turtle plights?

Each moment it throws off garbage that irritates other’s sight

I am inked Green, Blue , Brown and White; Can you find in me any ideology of creed?

Yes I am lowly and self-effacing, born to touch your feet

But I am lost, lost and lost in my heart and its subtle beat

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      By Paras Ali                           

O Iqb«l ! Every breath of yours is veiled in sighs
Your burning breast is filled with complaint

The song of hope does not exist in the harp of your heart
We think this Lailah does not exist in your camel-litter

Your ear is the seeker of the sound of bygone lyre
And your heart is unconcerned with today’s affairs

Your garden companions do not listen to the tale of roses
The assembly’s people do not listen to your old message

O bell of the sleeping caravan! Be quiet
Your call is very frustrating! Be quiet

That old assembly cannot be brought back to life
The yesternight cannot be illuminated with candle

O Companion ! I am a Muslim, I am the harbinger of Tawéâd
Since eternity I am the sincere testifier of this Truth

The warmth in the pulse of the universe is from this
And the courage in the Muslim’s thought is from this

God created the universe for this Truth
And created me for its guardianship1

I became the destroyer of false worship in the world
The truth is that I became the protector of Existence’ honor

My life is the cover for the world’s nakedness
My destruction is the disgrace of the human race2

The Muslim is the shining star of the universe’s destiny2
The spell of the morning by whose brilliance is shy

The secrets of life are open to my eyes
I cannot be considered lacking hope in the battle of life

How can the transient scene of grief frighten me
Confidence in destiny of my Millat strengthens me

My world is free of the component of despair
The zeal for battle gives the news of complete victory

Yes, it is true I keep my eye on the old times
I relate the old story to the assembly’s audience

Memory of the past  age is the elixir for my life
My past is the interpretation of my future

I keep that pleasurable period before me
I see the tomorrow in the mirror of today



Speak, it is your own tongue by Ahmed Faraz

Speak, it is your own tongue
Speak, it is your own body.

Speak, your life is still yours.

See how in the blacksmith's shop

The flame burns wild, the iron glows red;

The locks open their jaws,

And every chain begins to break.

Speak, this brief hour is long enough

Before the death of body and tongue:

Speak, 'cause the truth is not dead yet,

Speak, speak, whatever you must speak.



 Who has connections,he is greeted
 Who has not,he is mistreeted
To kill innocent peoples
Now it is diplomacy
They are keeping
 In their hands veto
But they are preaching
To us democracy
 We,people of the blue planet
Have to realize,anyhow
It was always,it is always
It will be always that
Where is might
There is right
Prose poem by Ehsan Sehgal

Each time that I switch on the light
A Miracle it seems to me
That I should rediscover sight
And banish dark so utterly.
One moment I am bleakly blind,
The next--exultant life I find.

Below the sable of the sky
My eyelids double darkness make.
Sleep is divine, yet oh how I
Am glad with wonder to awake!
To welcome, glimmery and wan
The mighty Miracle of Dawn.

For I've mad moments when I seem,
With all the marvel of a child,
To dwell within a world of dream,
To sober fact unreconciled.
Each simple act has struck me thus--
Incredibly miraculous.

When everything I see and do
So magical can seem to me,
How vain it is to seek the True,
The riddle of Reality . . .
So let me with joy lyrical
Proclaim all Life a Miracle!
By Robert William

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