Management Profiles

Shahid Pervaiz
Chief Executive Officer

Shahid Pervaiz is CEO and Trainer at GOVERNANCE since the inception of the organization. A graduate in Public Administration from Quaid-i-Azam university Islamabad having diversified experience of business incorporation and management with different multinational organizations. Keeping a spotlight on political and governance issues, current affairs, global world and diversified information sources, he produces exclusive but comprehensive and productive stuff for the programs of the company. He is blessed with exceptional envisage epitome and strong aptitude to articulate his intuition. Being a self motivated individual, a patriot Pakistani, he adheres to the values of honesty, transparency, and truthfulness. A quest for stimulating the public perception about the success and its secrets has lured him to start a training consultancy.


Syed Younas Ali Shah
Sr Software Engineer

Younas Ali Shah is a graduate from Kohat University, having wide experience of web and software development. He has worked with various multinational companies. He is among the pioneers of Governance and his services for the company are exceptional.

Muhammad Uzair Hashmi
Chief Editor

Uzair Hashmi is chief editor at GOVERNANCE. A graduate in Public Administration from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad and have vast experience of working with different government and quasi-governmental organizations. He is a freelance HR specialist and a passionate writer.

Mr. Nek Aman Ullah

Director Finance 

 Mr. Nek Aman Dawar has completed MS "Management Sciences" from Hazara University Mansehra. Having a diversified experience in the fields of education, finance and audit he is currently managing the financial area of Governance Magazine Pakistan. 


Paras Ali
Editor General

Miss Paras is a graduate in English Language and Literature from University of Wah . Her objective of working with our magazine is to paper and mark off varied issues related to unsound governance. Moreover to keep an eagle eye over day to day happenings and jotting the news down in an arresting way with constructive criticism to unite the Pakistani masses on one podium. Since last two years she is working as a freelance writer. Her engrossing ideas have also reached Dawn and The News several times to enlighten the perception of their readers. To sum up her  prime focus is to convey the message to the people through Governance magazine that disastrous management policies should be mended.


Muhammad Waqas Khan
Manager Marketing

Mr. Waqas is a graduate in management sciences with diversified experience in different multinational organizations. He is a passionate writer and blessed with excellent communication and presentation skills. Being a patriot, he is curious to work for the betterment and development of Pakistan. Having a very strong intuition and analytical skills he always comes up with innovative ideas to bring change in the society.


Muhammad Bilal

Mr.Bilal is a graduate in Mass Communication from NUML having wide experience in advertising, public relations, and editing. He is very keen observer of local and international issues related to governance and an independent analyst.



Muhammad Rizwan Qamar
GM "Strategic Planning"

Mr. RIZWAN QAMAR is a charismatic and dynamic individual having very affluent and diversified academic and professional career. He has done Master’s in three different disciplines including MBA, IR, and economics along with various other professional courses. Like academia, Mr. QAMAR has years of work experience in diversified Government and Private sector Organizations. He also used to write on various subjects like politics, economics and social issues etc. After joining GOVERNANCE, he has devoted himself for the progress and prosperity of our magazine and worked day and night for it. He is also one of the founding members of this Magazine.


Dr. Tahir Bashir
Senior Marketing Advisor & Freelance Writer

Tahir Bashir is offering his services as freelance writer and Marketing Adviser for Governance. He did his masters from Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad in 2008. However as a writer he identified his ability in his childhood, when his first letter to Phool Magazine got first prize in year 2000. During his last job at Ufone he occasionally used to write professional stuff for Ufone departmental newsletter (Lahore, Pakistan).


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